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Above All Else We Believe in Three Principles:
The Passion of Filmmaking - The Spirit of Storytelling - The Joy of Entertainment

Highland Myst UK – the international branch of Highland Myst Entertainment – was established in 2010, marking the 10th anniversary of Highland Myst Entertainment. Founded upon three principles: the passion of filmmaking, the spirit of storytelling and the joy of entertainment, the Highland Myst team recognizes that all long-term, successful production companies depend not only on a good movie but also upon the enthusiasm and loyalty of those working for the company.

Together, Highland Myst set out to build a family environment of business-savvy filmmakers and never looked back. Following its success with six completed feature films, several documentaries co-productions and a number of independent films in development, Highland Myst UK was created to continue growing and building international relationships while also tapping into the unique storytelling style and tone of the United Kingdom along with an expanse of talented actors and crew. Utilizing its relationships with North American distributors and international sales agents, Highland Myst UK will expand the Highland Myst brand as an indie-production company working in the popular genres of horror, action, thrillers, comedy and thought-provoking drama.

Highland Myst Trailers and Short Films include iPhone downloadable, Quicktime and Windows Media and are also available on our YouTube Channel.

Director Jon Keeyes can now be followed on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER.

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Latest News:

January 29, 2014

I'm proud to announce that IndustryWorks has acquired NIGHTMARE BOX for worldwide sales and distribution. IW is the company responsible for the hugely successful genre hit, American Mary. I'm excited by their enthusiasm and the amazing marketing and release strategy they are putting together. I'm sure there will be lots of news to share over the next few months. Thanks to everyone that has helped make Nightmare Box a success so far.    --Jon Keeyes

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